Model Team

Are you Beauty Brigade Model Team material?  

You walk into a crowded room of the kids from school and get that feeling again.  You know the one, where you feel like you are just a little different then everyone else.  Sure, you have friends, you're outgoing once people get to know you.  You don't necessarily look like everyone's idea of a model either, but you have beauty of your own.  A fire within you, an inner beauty that's just waiting to come out.  You just don't know what to do with it or even where to start.  You are passionate and motivated about everything you do.  And you're the sort of person who isn't afraid of a little hard work.  Who has the desire and determination to do anything they set their mind to.  You just want to find where you belong.   If this is you, then you are Beauty Brigade material.

This opportunity is open to any boy or girl ages 8-17.  You don't have to look like a model or be a certain weight.  You just need to be YOU.  But first, you must have your parents permission to apply.  You can NOT be camera shy and must be in good standing with your school.  If you make the team you are expected to participate in community service projects with the model team serveral times during the year.  As well as convey a positive attitude and help spread the word about Peereboom Photography.

What do you get for all this hard work?  Peereboom Photography Beauty Brigade Models get to be part of a stylized Model Team Photo Session which includes professional hair, age appropriate makeup and fashion styling.  Models can earn credit and discounts toward photo sessions, products, and more.  They get surprise bonuses, featured on marketing, promo pieces, social media outlets, and the potential to be featured in a magazine as part of a national campaign.  But most of all they get to have fun modeling and bragging rights as part of an elite group of models for the Premiere Couture Photography studio in Round Rock, Texas.

Submit your application before the deadline.  After the application process closes.  Applicants and parents will be required to attend a meeting to discuss the details, expectations and commitment to the program.  This will also be the prime time for Mom & Dad to ask questions.

If you aren't interested but know a friend or family member who maybe interested, please forward this link on to them! I'd hate for anyone to miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Call me at 512-826-9014 or email me at to get more details about the application process.   

Video Testimonial

Why should you join the ATX Beauty Brigade?  There are a million!  But let some of our current team members tell you why.    

Applications for 2017 are Closed

We are no longer taking applications for the 2017 modeling team.  But please feel free to contact me below and ask about our open house day and other events.




Makeup By Chelsea

Meet Chelsea  

Work Related:

She is a local makeup artist and esthetician.  She has her certification in Makeup Artistry and Facialist certification from Aveda Institute.  To Chelsea, makeup is a tool of empowerment for men and women as well as a form of art.  It makes her so happy to see a beautiful person feel confident and unique.  Makeup can help on that journey.  It can help people identify a feature about themselves that they truly love or come to terms with one they weren't so crazy about.  As an esthetician, skin is also very important to Chelsea and she loves to educate others on how to keep their skin healthy, balanced, and glow-y. She loves using natural skin care products and nutrition to help skin look its best. 


Chelsea has been recently married and has an 8 year old step-son.  She says instant parent hood is fun!  Chelsea and her new family love movie nights and work on their new home (It's a 100 year old fixer upper).  In her free time Chelsea likes to read and paint landscapes and nature.  When she is not working she loves to take road trips with her hubby.

Fun Facts:

Chelsea and her mom made her wedding dress and it turned out beautifully!

She grew up on exotic farms.  Her family raised ostriches.  They are actually pretty aggressive and never stick their heads in the sand.  

She has a BS in Psychology with a minor in forensics!  Which leads to her pretty serious Criminal Minds addiction.


Chelsea has a great eye for detail, puts you at ease with her warm personality, and makes you look as great as you feel, this made her the perfect fit for Peereboom Photography's clients.

Need more help looking beautifully fierce for a special event outside of your photo session?  You can reach Chelsea at her email address:





Hair Stylist

Meet Jackie

Work Related:

She is a local hair stylist and makeup artist.  She has her certification in Cosmotology.  Jackie comes from a long line of hair stylists and comotologists.   Her family owns a salon in north Austin called Leslie Hair Style.  She has been doing hair and makeup since she was a little girl.  And really loves helping matching her clients inner beauty with their outer beauty.  She has amazing ideas and loves trying out new styles to wow your imagination.  


Jackie is married and has two beautiful children.  In her free time Jackie loves to spend time with her family and coming up with wonderful crafting and design ideas.  When she is not working she loves to travel with her family.

Fun Facts:

Jackie loves to hang out in Vegas with her hubby

 She loves all kinds of music

Ask her which hair style she is going to try on next!


Jackie is so much fun!  She has a great eye for style, is innovative and willing to try anything to make you look your best, this made her the perfect fit for Peereboom Photography's clients.

Need more help looking beautifully fierce for a special event outside of your photo session?  You can reach Jackie at her email address:

IG= @beautyby_jackie


Fashion Stylist

Meet Shani.  

Work Related:

She is the founder and principal consultant of Genesis 7 Consulting.  She is a certified image consultant with a passion for helping people feel good about themselves through wardrobe.  Shani graduated from the University of North Texas with a BBA in Marketing and a minor in Fashion Merchandising.  She received her Personal Image Consulting certification from the Studio for Image Professionals.


Style and fashion have always been an important part of Shani's life. From a very young age she found joy in coordinating her outfits, shopping for back-to-school clothes, and assisting family and friends to build their wardrobe, encouraging them to craft their own unique styles.  But she has other loves too!  She loves music festivals and concerts.  She is obsessed with pole fitness and yoga.  And she is sure that she was an Italian mob boss in another life because she makes a mean Lasagna!

Fun Facts:

She is a Star Wars Nerd and darn proud of it!

She shares the same birthdate with her mother! How cool is that!

She has lived in every major city in Texas.

And she created her own line of shoes in High School!  Customized Crocheted Flats.


We are so happy to have her love of fashion and style today as she helps make Peereboom Photography clients look beautifully fierce.

If you need more help outside of your photo session, you can check out her website here.  

Or you can reach Shani at her email address:



Congratulations 2017 ATXBB Team!!

To the following Girlies for being selected to represent Peereboom Photography as part of our ATXBeautyBrigade.   You have that “Hint of Sass” we’ve been looking for!   We can’t wait to capture your inner fierceness.   Be on the lookout for an email from us to give you details on when we get started.  Thank you to everyone who applied!  I'm so thankful that you all considered my business!  And it was a very hard decision to make!   If you are not on the list, please know that you are welcome to come hangout with us and we look forward to your application next year!


                                                                Meghan Mitchell               Sophie Coldanato                       

                                                                Kealei Oliphant                  Holland Peereboom

                                                                Alexandra Hernandez       Maya Stoops              

                                                               Adie Brzostek                       Shani Coppedge

                                                              Jessica Mitroka                    Faith Brzostek






"This year when I learned that I would be able to participate again in the ATX BeautyBrigade as a teen model I was estatic!  I knew I would get to make new friends, learn more about myself and how to portray myself in the world.  I am excited to work with Clarissa again because she is a great photographer and has much to teach.  She believes in natural beauty and I always feel comfortable in her creative hands."  - S. Coldanato