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Hello there! My name is Clarissa Peereboom.  I am a portrait photographer that specializes in luxury couture photo experiences for kids, seniors and young adults.  I love working with fun awesome people.  If you are looking for FUN, BOLD, ARTISTIC photography then you have come to the right place!  I'm honored that you are interested in my photography and want to know a little more about what I do.


I'm inspired by all types of personalities and real emotions.  I love working with amazing people that want to have a lot of fun and aren't afraid of doing things a bit different. Getting spontaneous and natural emotions out of people requires trust, understanding and patience.  I take my time in building a strong relationship with my clients, because working with friends is nicer than working with an acquaintance.   

Having a real bond with the kids and families allows them to trust me, be relaxed and have fun around me; and believe me, happy relaxed people photograph best!

So let's be friends!  Read my story below to get to know me, find out how nice, funny or weird I am.

Work Related:

I am an Internationally Published and Award Winning photographer specializing in kids, tweens, teens, seniors and young adults.  I am a member of NAPP, PPA, and APPA and you can find my work in galleries around Austin, Texas.   I am a hybrid of self taught and school taught in the field of photography.  I have a Masters degree in Psychology and 2 Bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Sociology.  


I am married to the most wonderful man who still gives me butterflies in my stomach.  I am the mother of two.  A beautiful boy and girl, and it only took 14 years to complete the set!  My first camera was a Kodak 110, which I borrowed from my mom when I was six.    I love to dance.  I like all kinds of music.  I love to lip sync!  I grew up with a Family Lip Syncing Competition.  And yes, we still have the competition whenever we get together, there is even a trophy!  

Fun Facts:

I love the color Red.  I have since I was 5.

I hate chocolate.  Really!  Even as a young child I didn't like it.  Don't worry, there are support groups for it. LOL.

I am an Honorary Vampire.  No, I don't suck blood or sparkle in the daylight!  It is a really weird and long story that has to do with my college internship. Don't judge me til you hear the story.

I learned to speak 4 languages other than English, but I only remember enough of each to be dangerous and to get me out of trouble!  Can you guess them? 


Now that you know a little about me, I can't wait to meet you and hear your own stories!


Ready to chat with me?  CONTACT ME ! (scroll down) I love friendly people. 





"Clarissa is AWESOME! She is an amazing photographer, professional, creative, and so kind. She makes you feel comfortable so you can be yourself. And that's why she can get pictures that no one else can." - K.Evertson




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Round Rock, Texas
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